Science Vs Evolution 2-DVD Set

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Join Jeff Miller, a credentialed scientist, as he explores the answer to the question “Is evolution scientific?”.  It includes 8 lessons on 2 DVDs.


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Is evolution scientific? Do the laws of science support naturalism or contradict it? Do the commonly cited evidences for Darwinian evolution actually prove it to be true? If the evidence doesn’t support atheistic evolution, why do so many believe in it?

Join Jeff Miller, a credentialed scientist, as he explores the answers to these questions in this eight-lesson series.

Disc 1:
Session 1. What is Evolution, and Why Does it Matter?
Session 2. Can Evolution get Something from Nothing?
Session 3. Did the Universe Cause Itself?
Session 4. Can Life Come from Non-life… and Turn into You?

Disc 2:
  Session 5. Do Science Textbooks Prove Evolution?
Session 6. Do Fossils Prove Evolution?
Session 7. Do Dating Techniques Prove the Earth Is Old?
Session 8. Why Be an Evoluntionist?

About the Author

Jeff Miller is a biomechanic engieer with earned B.S. degrees in Physical Science and Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphases in Bio-thermal Science, Bio-transport Phenomena, and Biomechanics, and an earned Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University, with an emphasis in Navigation and Control of Biological Systems. He has presented research at technical science conferences across the country, has published research internationally in peer-reviewed, technical science journals, and is an active member in various professional societies. While at Auburn, he also instructed courses in Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer, as well as Statics and Dynamics. He currently serves in the Science Department at Apologetics Press and regularly lectures on Christian Evidences and science.

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