Parables of Jesus 14-Audio CD Set

SKU: 101056CDA00


An in-depth look at the parables, including an introduction and detailed treatment of 28 different parables of the Lord. It is hosted by Wesley Simons and includes 27 lessons on 9 DVDs. Audio track is copied from DVD


Lessons Include:  

1. Introduction
2. Hidden Treasure / Pearl of Great Price
3. The Ten Virgins
4. The Two Builders
5. The Two Sons
6. The Chief Seat
7. Counting the Cost
8. The Dragnet
9. The Prodigal Son
10. The Elder Brother
11. The Empty House
12. The Good Samaritan
13. The Leaven
14. The Wedding Feast
15. The Mustard Seed






16. The Publican and the Pharisee
17. The Rich Fool
18. The Sower
19. The Talents
20. The Tares
21. The Unforgiving Servant
22. The Unjust Judge
23. The Vine and the Branches
24. The Unjust Steward
25. The Rich Man and Lazarus
26. Laborers in the Vineyard
27. The Two Debtors

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