Does It Matter? Video USB

SKU: 104070USB01


This new program by Rob Whitacre was developed from the “Does It Matter?” booklet by Bobby Bates. In this 60-minute lesson the viewer will be guided by Bible verses and questions so that they will understand what the Lord would have them to know to decide to obey His plan for their salvation. This personal copy is meant for offline use and to be shown from your computer to let Rob teach your prospect. English Subtitles.


This product is VIDEO ONLY  and can be used in computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices that have full-sized USB ports, and many TVs and Blu-ray/DVD players that have full-sized USB ports.

Does It Matter?

This program will show you directly from the Word of God the information that you must know to receive God’s great gift for you.

In just 60 minutes Rob Whitacre will guide you through this important Bible study so that you will see for yourself the truth that will set you free.

This USB also includes additional studies:

  • Counting the Cost (4 min)
  • Drawing Near (9.5 min)
  • Arise and Be Baptized (4 min)
  • God’s Book of Life (3 min)
  • Day of Salvation (2.5 min)