Bible Lands Package

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Bible Lands Package
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Pathways to Faith and Devotion

The Bible story and its message of salvation is connected to a real place and a real time in history. George Ernest Wright said “Geography, history, and religion are so inextricably bound together in it [the Bible] that the religious message cannot be truly understood without attention to the setting and conditions of the revelation” (Westminster Bible Atlas). In documentary style, Bible Land Passages brings that message to life by giving context to the stories and lessons of the Bible. With each video, viewers are presented with spiritual truths and  the historical, archaeological, and geographical data that will guide them down a passage to stronger faith and deeper devotion for God.

PROLOGUE | About Bible Land Passages  2 Min
John W. Moore M.Ed. 


Passage 1 | Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City  26 Min
John W. Moore M.Ed. 

Passage 2 | The Ministry of Jesus in Northern Israel  18 Min
Rick Brumback Ph.D.

Passage 3 | Dan: City of Unfaithfulness  18 Min
Gary Massey J.D. 

Passage 4 | In the Shadow of Gilboa: Reaping & Sowing  24 Min
Jonathan Moore D.P.M., M.A. 

Passage 5 | Treasures of Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls  24 Min
Dewayne Bryant Ph.D. 


Passage 6Judah: David’s Training Ground of Faith  26 Min
John W. Moore M.Ed.

Passage 7Southern Steps: Coming Into the Presence of the Lord  19 Min
Rick Brumback Ph.D.

Passage 8 | Masada: Fortress of Misplaced Faith  26 Min
Gary Massey J.D.

Passage 9 | Jericho: Ciy of Rehab  24 Min
Jonathan Moore D.P.M., M.A. 

Passage 10 | Khirbet Qeiyafa: Witness to David’s Kingdom  24 Min
Dewayne Bryant Ph.D.

Go now to Shiloh

Special Edition
Bible Land Passages

Nestled deep within the heartland of the West Bank in Israel lies the biblical city of Shiloh; the place where God’s tent of meeting was located for over 300 years. Today this storied city lies in ruin, but archaeologists from the Associates for Biblical Research are determined to unearth its secrets. In recent years a number of important discoveries have been unearthed, and Bible Land Passages was there to document the evidence in this special edition video called, “Go Now to Shiloh.” This full-length documentary is complete with on-site interviews, analysis of  the most exciting discoveries to date, behind the scenes view of the archaeological process, computer generated illustrations, and faith building lessons. In all, this program forms one of the most important documentaries of the year. It is hosted by John Moore.

Includes 25 minutes of Extra Features

  • Reflections On Shiloh
  • When Were The Israelites in Shiloh
  • Israelite Architecture And The Bronze Age
  • Examining Biblical Artifacts
  • Sling Stones And Military Conflict
  • Touring Antiquities Storage Facility
  • Archaeology And The Bible
  • Bronze And Iron Age Pottery Analysis
  • Go Now to Shiloh Trailer


Bible Lands

The “Bible Lands Museum” DVD includes 12 programs that provide viewers an opportunity to see and hear about artifacts (both genuine and reproduction) from the lands of the Bible. As Director, Bob Stancell, guides viewers through a study of many historical artifacts that are part of the Bible Lands Museum collection in Sandy, Oregon.

Lessons include:

  1. Ancient Egyptians (14:05 min)
  2. Ancient Sumerians (6:18 min)
  3. Ancient Assyrians (11:07 min)
  4. Greeks & Persians (9:52 min)
  5. Ancient Pottery (5:05 min)
  6. Roman Crucifixion (25:52 min)
  7. First-Century Roman Armor (11:30 min)
  8. Arch of Titus – 82 A.D. (4:48 min)
  9. First-Century Jerusalem (8:59 min)
  10. First-Century Caesarea Maritima (5:56 min)
  11. First & Second-Century Ephesus (8:40 min)
  12. Biblical Text (11:00 min)



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