Abstinence Or Sex Invitation Card (250 Ct)

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This invitation card is designed to be a convenient and inexpensive way for someone to share the information contained in the “Sex: Are You Interested” videos. The cards can be given to family members, friends, classmates or anyone who might be interested in viewing the materials. The size of each card is 3.5″ x 2″ (size of a business card) and is packaged in a 250-count box.

250-Count Box



Backside of Card:


Abstinence or Sex Invitation Card Back




Synopsis of Videos


Sex: Are You Interested?


In the church today, we see increasing numbers of young people involved in sinful sexual activities that often result in pregnancy and disease. The material presented by Kyle Butt on this DVD is designed for churches to use in combating the lies about sex that are perpetrated on our young people through the media, schools and friends. The seminar teaches God’s plan of sexual abstinence before marriage. This material is very frank and explicit regarding the various kinds of sexual diseases that can result from participation in those activities.


The topics include: “Your Choice” and “Can You Afford It?”

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